The Linda Gilbert Memorial Fund

This fund was created to assist employees with financial needs. All employees are eligible to receive funds, but not all applications are granted.

Click here to make a donation to the Linda Gilbert Memorial Fund.

Because of the economy, this fund has been significantly depleted. Gifts of any size will help.

Employees who have experienced a catastrophic event, resulting in financial hardship, are encouraged to apply.

This fund provides both grants (that are not repaid) and loans (repaid without interest) up to $800. The fund was established in January 2003 and was rededicated as the Linda Gilbert Memorial Employee Assistance Fund in May 2003 in honor of a beloved Quaker Heights nurse aide who died in February 2003.

Who may donate to this fund?

Anyone may donate to this fund. Staff, residents, residents’ families and friends and others have contributed. Some Quaker Heights’ employees deduct donations from their paychecks to help maintain this fund for the benefit of needy peers.

Some residents or staff give checks, cash or credit card donations listing the name of the employee to be honored. Both the giver and the name of the person being honored will appear in our Contributors section of this web site unless the giver wishes to remain anonymous.

How have these funds helped?

They have helped with the costs of cancer treatments, made a rent payment due to a spouse being laid off from work, replaced goods after a fire, and other diverse needs.

About Linda Gilbert:

Linda GilbertIn 2003, a 10-year nursing employee by the name of Linda Gilbert passed away suddenly, leaving a legacy of steadfast, deeply compassionate care and dedication to Quaker Heights.

Linda was a leader in seeking help for her peers and for residents who had limited means or family support. She creatively organized employee events and activities for residents. Linda projected a feeling of hope and generosity. Generosity which drew people to her.

If someone needed help, Linda was there. “You could always depend on her to go the extra mile for residents, for anyone,” said Barry Robbins, Director of Ancillary Services, who worked with Linda. “If she saw something that needed doing, she did it; if she saw a need a person had, she would figure out a way to do something including encouraging and inspiring people to help, and in ways that could be fun,” said Barry. “She had so much empathy for the feelings of others. She was positive about what could be done.”

This is how Linda made love visible through her work with residents and her peers.

Her work as a nurse aide was a second career for her later in life but fit her love of service. Linda’s own daughter, Denise Sekerek, had become a nurse and this inspired Linda. Today, Denise is an associate professor teaching nursing at Kettering College but she still shares the fondness her mother had for Quaker Heights and its quality of care by partnering with us so that her nursing students gain practical experience working with residents as they complete their degree.

Linda Gilbert’s sudden death left staff, residents and their families with deep sadness. For this reason, the employee assistance fund was re-named the Linda Gilbert Memorial Employee Assistance Fund. By growing this fund, Linda’s giving spirit lives on and more employees are helped when needed.